Say Hello to Our Ready to Wear Units






Blondes Have More Fun!

Our Blonde Basic Hair is a classic. Its one of our favorites for those of our #LuxBae's that like to spice up their slay with some color and creativity. This hair is easily manipulated and colored for your convenience.

Curly and Girly!!

Our Curly hair is big and bold and requires some one with that same energy. We've got everything from kinky to deep curls. A look for all types of girls (our guys too *winks*).

Waves for Days

Our wavy hair is a fan favorite. You get the to create fun looks that are bold but soft and easily maneuvered. Our beach wave is a favorite of ours for its natural wavy look. We use a variety of other waves as well. If soft is your thing then this would be a go to for your everyday Unit.

At Lux Label Beautique our goal is to provide Luxury Units for everyday wear as well as those special occasions. We believe in being a brand that you can not only believe in but also be proud of. Become a #LuxBae today!