At Lux Label Beautique our goal is to provide Luxury experience for all of our clients. We pride ourselves on giving the best in quality products and services, hair care/education as well as helpful support. We believe in being a brand that you can not only believe in but also be proud of. Become a #LuxBae today!


Waves for Days

Our wavy hair is a fan favorite. You get the to create fun looks that are bold but soft and easily maneuvered. Our beach wave is a favorite of ours for its natural wavy look. We use a variety of other waves as well. If soft is your thing then this would be a go to for your everyday Unit.

Curly and Girly!!

Our Curly hair is big and bold and requires some one with that same energy. We've got everything from kinky to deep curls. A look for all types of girls (our guys too *winks*).

Blondes Have More Fun!

Our Blonde Basic Hair is a classic. Its one of our favorites for those of our #LuxBae's that like to spice up their slay with some color and creativity. This hair is easily manipulated and colored for your convenience.

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